We don't just manage portfolios for our clients. We invest shoulder-to-shoulder with clients too.

Alignment of Interests

Our private clients get the best of both worlds. With our personalized service, we’re run like a boutique investment firm. Plus we're backed by a large, well-capitalized parent company that insists on strong corporate governance.

Princeton Holdings Limited and Cowan Asset Management

Princeton Holdings Limited has approximately 1,100 employees and has been managing its own investment capital for 85 years. In 2014 Princeton Holdings established Cowan Asset Management to manage both its own investments plus the investments of private clients across Canada.

We manage approximately $1.6 billion in assets, including the investment capital of Princeton Holdings’ largest subsidiary: The Guarantee, which has been a property and casualty insurance provider for nearly 150 years.

Total Assets Under Management

$1.6 Billion

Pie Chart

Benefits to Our Clients

Princeton Holdings Limited is not only our parent company but also our largest institutional client. The unique structure helps to ensure the interests of our private clients are aligned with our interests.

We like to say

If we make money, our private clients make money. If private clients lose money, we lose money.

Our relationship with Princeton Holdings provides us with economies of scale savings which we are able to pass on to our clients in the form of lower fees. We understand the impact that fees can have on long-term returns, especially in today’s low-rate environment.

We are committed to charging fees that are fair. This helps our clients gain confidence that they are getting proper value from their investment manager. Via our sister companies, clients get access to the services typically offered within a family office: life insurance, financial planning, commercial insurance, home and auto insurance.