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Letter to Prospective Clients

Your core savings are the most important layer of your wealth. Protecting this wealth is of the utmost importance to us.

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Investment Approach

The four bars in the Cowan Asset Management logo represent the four pillars of our investment approach.

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Investment Services

Cowan Asset Management aims to increase client purchasing power over the long-term by purchasing securities at a price below estimated intrinsic value.

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Cowan Asset Management takes a long-term approach to managing client wealth. We believe in using common sense and a strong focus on asset valuation to find opportunities where the risk-reward trade-off is in our favour.

  Cowan Asset Management is an investment management firm headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario with an additional office in Toronto, Ontario that:

  • Serves as the investment manager for Princeton Holdings Limited, a private company with 1,000 employees across its subsidiaries
  • Provides institutional and private clients with an opportunity to leverage the skills, knowledge and expertise of Princeton Holdings Limited’s investment management team