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Investment Approach

We are an investment company that believes that the key to long-term performance is the avoidance of a permanent loss of capital; therefore, we aim to protect capital first and increase returns second. We don’t chase short-term performance to the detriment of long-term success, and we partner with clients who are also long-term focused.

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Alignment of Interests

We are run like a boutique investment firm, providing hands-on client service — but we also have the backing of a large, well-capitalized parent company in Princeton Holdings Limited. The unique structure helps to ensure the interests of our private clients are aligned with our interests.

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Our Funds

We offer two distinct investment strategies to satisfy private clients’ needs. Both our equity-focused Cowan Absolute Return Fund and fixed-income focused Cowan Income Opportunities Fund are managed for Canadian investors. The weightings of the two funds are customized within a client’s account to
create a “balanced fund.”

Cowan Income Opportunities Fund

This fixed-income based portfolio is focused on North American securities such as government debt, corporate bonds, high-yield bonds, preferred shares, and convertible debt.

A Long-Term Strategy

Cowan Absolute Return Fund

This equity-focused portfolio invests globally, is industry agnostic, and is not limited to large-cap companies.

A Flexible Return Fund


We understand the impact that fees can have on long-term returns, especially in today’s low-rate environment. We are committed to charging fair fees to help give clients confidence that they are getting good value from their investment management company.

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